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Bilateral Mastectomy

Bilateral Prostheses

New Attitude specializes in the creation of custom made bilateral breast prostheses. We use our artistic skills and our extensive experience to design custom breast prosthetics that expertly re-create breast shapes that appear naturally matched to each woman's body.

Custom Made Bilateral Breast Prostheses

Best of the Best

Beautifully crafted custom bilateral prostheses will restore the appearance after a double mastectomy.New Attitude has the artistic skills to expertly design the shape of bilateral breast prostheses so they appear natural and suitable to each individual's body.

Restoring the Appearance

Beautifully crafted custom bilateral prostheses will restore the appearance after a double mastectomy.

The New Attitude prostheses are soft and light weight and will stay in place with just light bra support. The prostheses will also stay in position without a bra, when used with tight fitting tops as seen in this photo.

Custom Designed to Fit The Anatomy

New Attitude bilateral prostheses restore symmetry, even when the chest wall is asymmetrical. Each prosthesis has a unique shape and fits the chest wall where it is placed. The prostheses appear symmetrical when worn together -even though they need to be shaped differently to fit an asymmetrical chest wall. This is part of the expert "know how" of New Attitude.

Comfortably Moves Withe the Body

New Attitude custom bilateral breast prostheses will stay in position without a bra when used with tight fitting clothing. Our precise fit to the chest wall creates comfortable fitting prostheses that move naturally with the body. 

New Attitude uses several technologies to capture anatomical details to design precise fitting custom bilateral breast prostheses.