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A Single Custom Prosthesis After a Mastectomy

Exceptional Achievement

The New Attitude custom breast prosthesis is "tailor made" to fit each woman and made individually to fit every aspect of her. We have developed our own lightweight material that feels natural to touch. Our custom prosthesis will stay comfortably in position when placed  directly on the body and used with regular bras.

All photographs we use are of New Attitude clients

MW 1a.jpg

Using the Latest Technology For Prosthetic Restorations

Restoring The Body With Custom Prosthetics

Restores  Your Appearance

Can be used in regular bras chosen by the client

Back Surface Fits the Anatomy of Chest

Comfortably stays in place and moves with you

Comfortable Soft and Lightweight

Feels natural to touch and comfortable on the skin

Realistic Coloured to Match the Skin

Can be used with sheer bras and transparent tops

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All photographs on this site are of New Attitude clients.

Read more about the steps to make a New Attitude prothesis by clicking below.

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