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Funding of Custom Made Breast Prostheses

 Funding may come from a variety of sources. We have the expertise to guide women through the process of receiving a pre-authorization from their health insurance plans. We have a lot of experience and a lot of success securing funding for women. Call us and let us help.

Funding from Health Insurance Plans

United States has many different types of health insurance models and some insurers will cover a portion of the New Attitude custom made breast prosthesis. To access coverage and to receive a pre-authorization of your coverage from your healthcare plan, several steps must be taken and the proper documentation must be submitted to the insurance company for consideration. This is something New Attitude will help you with.  We will guide you through every step of the way and will speak to your insurance company on your behalf to receive a pre-authorization. It starts with a phone call to us. Let us help you.

Contact us for a phone or in person consultation and we will review your benefits and discuss your options.


Many of our clients self fund the cost of the New Attitude Custom Breast Prosthesis because they see it as an important contribution to their post treatment well being.  Additionally, the New Attitude custom made breast prosthesis can be claimed as a medical expense on one's personal income tax. Whatever the circumstances, New Attitude works with each client to sort out the funding as well as providing them with the very best possible custom breast prosthesis made specifically for them and their lifestyle.

Contact us for a phone or in person consultation.

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