• Irene R Healey

Digital Fashion Online Summit 2021 March 28th and 29th 2021


I am excited to participate in the Digital Fashion Online Summit with a presentation on Prosthetic Designs Fashioning an Altered Identity and be part of the discussions on ground breaking technologies disrupting the world of fashion such as virtual reality, scanning and 3D modelling. I have always felt that prostheses and fashion are closely aligned as my clients use prostheses with clothing and want to be able to wear what they like and enjoy the fashion they did prior to needing a prosthesis. We fashion out identity through the clothing we choose to wear and I the prostheses I create help enable that. Join the summit if you can and pat attention to the work of Anina Net and 360 Fashion Network as she is a catalyst for innovation in digital fashion and a focal point for innovators in technology.

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